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Who We Are

We seek to share the Gospel through all mediums as we challenge the status quo, share our stories and build authentic, transformative community around the world.

Our focus is on culture + Christian life. 

Our target audience is twentysomethings, but readers come to us from all ages and stages of life.

We publish original content only, but if you have a published piece you want to revamp and make changes to, we would love to have that conversation with you! Our preferred word count is between 500-1,200 words, but we’re flexible. We desire that our posts be authentic and focused on personal and real experiences, and we want to start conversations that challenge what the world around us is saying. Not every article needs to explicitly be about faith, but we want share the Gospel through truth and love in every post.

We do not provide any compensation for posts at this time.

Pitching Blog Posts

If you are interested in guest blogging for The Rising, please send us a sample of your writing that you think would fit well on our site. If you have a personal blog or have written for other sites, we would love for you to share those links with us so we can get a feel for your writing. Check out other posts on The Rising before you submit to us so you can see who we are and what our style is as well.

Pitching a blog post means that we want to see a 3-4 sentence summary of your idea with a working title. The better you can explain to us what you’re thinking of writing, the better feedback we can give you. We will get back to you with our thoughts within a few days, and we will go from there if your post is approved or needs further discussion before approval.

Writing and Posting

Once your pitch is approved, we would like to see your full post within two weeks. A working title is necessary, but we will find a photo to use with your piece.

An editor from our team will work with you to get your post ready for publication, and we try to move through the editing process within a week.

We typically post blogs Monday through Friday. If your posts are approved, we will add them in to the schedule and let you know when you can expect to see it published on The Rising.

Other Information

We love having guest bloggers join the conversations happening on The Rising, and we love working with each and every one to constantly improve and grow as writers and believers. After posting as a guest, if you are interested in writing more, we would love to talk to you about becoming a member of our team.

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