Where did the name "the rising" come from?

It came from the idea that we really wanted to challenge the status quo and elevate things to a higher, better, truer place. We didn't just want to play it safe, we wanted to get real and see things (and people, and the Kingdom) lifted up as a result. We don't want to settle for where we're at-- we want to rise up. We want to be The Rising.

who writes for this site?

All kinds of people! Guys, girls, seminary-educated people, still-in-high-school people, moms, dads, single folks, white people, people of color, Presbyterians, evangelicals, liberals... you name it. We're big believers in diversity around here, and we're constantly working to have more of it.


where do you guys live?

Our writers are literally all over the world, and it's the coolest thing. Rachel Dawson, our editor, is in Richmond, VA. The assistant editors are all over (Tennessee, Kansas) and our writers hail from different states across the U.S. and even different countries (like England!). 


can i write for The rising?

We'd love to hear your pitch! All information about writing for us can be found here.


is this just another classic christian site?

We hope not. We try to keep it real around here. Sometimes it gets messy. Sometimes we miss the mark. Sometimes we hear that people's hearts have been changed by what they're read here. We are all broken people, doing the best we can to love God and love people, and we know so much grace is required for this journey. Whoever you are, you're welcome here. We won't judge, we just want to get to know you.

does the rising make money?

Not a dime. In fact, our editor pays out of her own pocket to keep this site running. For now, we believe it's more important to write what we love than it is to make money... but that could change.

how long has this site been around?

It started as a branch of Rethink Creative Group way back in August 2014. it's been evolving ever since, and we officially stepped out on our own at the end of 2016. We still love the folks at Rethink, but wanted to be our own brand, fully owned and operated by our editor Rachel Dawson and our core team.


Got any other questions?

Shoot Rachel an email at rachel@rethinkcreative.org.