5 Podcasts to Check Out

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

I look forward to this one every single week! Jamie Ivey is a blogger and podcaster involved in ministry in Austin, Texas. Each episode, she hosts a different Christian woman to share her testimony – both the good and hard things. I am so encouraged by how raw and open these conversations are. Note: This one is particularly good if you’re interested in adoption or fostering.

That’s so Maven

Women’s health is so important, and often I think we forget how crucial it is to take care of ourselves mentally and physically in the craziness of the everyday. This podcast by blogger Davida Kugelmass does just that with clips on an assortment of alternative health topics – from self care, to hormone health, to balancing home and work life, this show covers it all.


This should come as no surprise (as it’s produced by the same people from Serial and This American Life) but S-Town is a must-listen. Host Brian Reed, decides to head south to explore an Alabama town and the murder that allegedly happened there after a tip from a listener. The story changes focus when Reed finally meets the man who sent him the tip. Disclaimer: This is definitely not a podcast for little ears, or anyone who’s easily offended by language. However, I think it’s very important to understand the realities and cultures of people different from you – definitely one to binge-listen.

Ted Radio Hour

And I know – this one is pretty popular too, but it’s new to me! Guy Raz hosts these hour-long informational segments that pull together various TED Talks on a specific theme. The premise is pretty simple, but every episode is truly riveting! One series they produced (that I highly recommend) is the two-part “Screen Time” piece. As you might suspect, it explores the statistics, facts, and social aspects of being glued to our digital devices.

Pantsuit Politics

In this political climate, I’ve truly been frustrated and disheartened (as I think we all are). I believe it’s important to hear both sides of things, no matter which way you lean, but obviously that can be difficult when flipping through the TV stations these days. That’s where this podcast comes in. Two ladies, (one liberal, one conservative) talk the tough—and current—issues of today sans arguing, name-calling, pettiness, etc. It’s refreshing. What I also love is that both hosts are not afraid to call out the pitfalls of their respective parties as well. This is also a good one for newbies to politics.