Your Past is Beautiful

Without rain nothing grows. Learn to embrace the storms of your life.
— Anonymous

Too often I think about the course of action that life has taken me. I am sure that we all often contemplate similar things. I often wonder how I ended up where I have. Perhaps you often ponder the same.

When I think about my story, it looks like a puzzle that is not quite finished. There are some pieces that have come together nicely. There are others that have simply been put to the side for future fitting. There are pieces that have not been discovered just yet as they are still sitting in the box, and there are pieces that have been revealed but do not quite fit just yet. There are also pieces that I have tried to make work, but no matter how hard I try, they simply do not fit.

If we take a step back, our life is one, magnificent puzzle. And your past is a (significant) part of this puzzle.

But for some, maybe opening up about your past is painful — perhaps there are too many scars and wounds that have not healed just yet. Maybe you fear that your past will hinder you from succeeding in the future.

And perhaps your story is a little chaotic, as you have not ended up where you have wanted to be by now. You may also live with quite a bit of regret from choices you have made in the past, and you are struggling to continue to move forward with your life.

For many of us, maybe it appears as though our past yields more negative experiences than positive ones. And so, it can be hard to envision a positive future when negative experiences seem to have dominated most of what we know.

But your past is what has come to shape you — and you are the only person who can be you and the only person who has had lived your life.

Your past — though maybe flooded with many experiences that have wounded your dreamer spirit — is beautiful. It is what has made you, you — the incredible and wonderful human that you are.

But if your past is hindering you from moving forward, you need to make sure to take the time to process through everything. Perhaps a visit to the therapist is necessary to talk things through or processing moments of conflict through with a loved one. Perhaps you heal by spending time in solitude and in nature. Or moving to a different place. Or journaling through countless pages. Whatever is necessary to encourage you to get back on track and find contentment, healing, and peace.

The storms in your life were not given to you to simply make life more difficult — they were placed in your life so that you could grow and one day look back on them and appreciate them, for they will make you more empathetic, stronger, and wiser.

You will have more character and depth because of your experiences. When you begin to appreciate your past and how far you have come, your past no longer dominates your life — your past does not take the victory. Your future takes the gold.

Your puzzle is still being created. It’s being shaped and make whole. Trust your journey and know that wonderful things are coming, for you are equipped to do magnificent things.