4 Things We Should Be Spring Cleaning Out of Our Lives

It’s officially spring! Time for longer days, daffodils sprouting up everywhere and warm evenings. If you’re anything like me then you’ll use this as an opportunity to do a classic ‘spring clean’. I just love the feeling of chucking out stuff I no longer need, things that I have no use for which are simply sat gathering dust and taking up room. This year I’ve been thinking about how the same might be applied to certain areas of my life, the things holding me back and getting in the way. Maybe it’s time we had a spring clean of our lives, not just our homes…



Here’s 4 things we should be spring cleaning out of our lives:

  • Inauthentic friendships

I reckon we’ve all fallen into the trap of pretending to be fine and putting on a calm, controlled front, even with those we love most. Sometimes I catch myself replying with a generic ‘I’m good’ when asked how I am, even if that is SO not the case, even to those I trust. Let’s be vulnerable with those in our lives and work on building honest, authentic friendships.

  • Saying negative things about your body

This is something I was always convinced I didn’t do but my boyfriend has started catching me out when I put myself down. I hadn’t realised I’d been doing it so often, just little flyaway comments here and there. Everyone has a bad hair day, or a spot we wish we could make disappear but our moods will be far better if we stop with the constant self-criticisms. Why not ask someone close to you to hold you accountable and tell you off/ throw something text time you tell them you wish you were taller or your hair parting looks weird.

  • Comparing likes/ followers on social media

Today, pretty much everyone is online and as much as we hate to admit it,  there is an anxiety in most of us around how many likes our photos receive, or how many followers we’ve got compared to others. This is such an easy but poisonous thinking to fall into and it’s important that we self-assess our feelings when social media-ing. If you come away from scrolling feeling worse about yourself or your life maybe it’s time to delete the Apps for a while.

  • Striving to be busy

This whole ‘girl boss’ culture is great but all these super energetic, super productive, super creative women flooding my timeline sometimes leaves me feeling inadequate and questioning, what have I achieved today that’s of any worth? That’s not to say it’s not great to live full lives, but before we worry we aren’t good enough, or doing enough, lets prioritise our health and happiness.

What will you be spring cleaning out of your life this spring?