An Open Letter to the President

President Trump,    

     Welcome to the White House, sir. I am sure that this is a very exciting time for you, and, I hope, an overwhelming time for you. I trust that the weight of your new job is evident to you, and that the fact that many Americans felt that neither you nor Senator Clinton were adequate for this position is not lost on you. For the next four years, the decisions you make will not only affect you, your wife, your children, and your “business associates,” but will directly affect the lives of more than 319 million people—plus countless lives around the world.


    In his last days in office, President Obama made some poor choices regarding the relationship between the United States and Israel. Will you rectify his mistakes? Will you strengthen our bond with one of the most geopolitically strategic and important nations in the world? How will you react? When will you react?

    In your first day in office, you took immediate action to begin reversing the Affordable Care Act. Do you have plans to replace it? How can you improve our nation’s healthcare? How will this affect those who cannot afford healthcare? What will this mean for the fines to be incurred this year by those who were unable to purchase healthcare under the Affordable Care Act?

    I acknowledge that immigration procedures in our country fall short of where they should be, but are you truly holding to your outrageous plan to build a wall along the Mexican border and somehow (after the fact?) coerce the Mexican government to pay for it? Do you sincerely think that this will solve our immigration issues? Do you think that targeting Muslims and exhibiting religious prejudice will help our country’s international relations? Or that oppressing those people will end terrorism on our soil?

    While there are a thousand other issues that could be discussed here, Mr. President, I sincerely wish you all the best in your new position and promise to do my best to show you all the respect and honor to which the leader of the free world is entitled. I believe that the Creator God who made the heavens and the earth sets kings and authorities in place, so I believe that He has a plan for you and for your time in our nation’s capital.  

     That being said, Mr. President, I implore you to consider each choice you make carefully, remembering that you are responsible for an entire country now. I hope that you will seek God’s guidance in all you do and pray fervently for His favor to rest upon our great nation. I hope that you will see that the only true way reform can come to this country is with the Lord’s help. And I pray for you that when you do make decisions they will not be based on political affiliation and the influence of those who seek their own benefit and advancement; rather, may you seek out the best for the people with whose freedom you’ve been entrusted, and may you make your decisions on their behalf for the good of the future of this nation.


A Concerned Citize