A Visit to Vail

Colorado is my favorite place in the world - so when writing a post about it, I’m a little biased. But hear me out because I’m a firm believer in giving everywhere a fair chance before I pass it off as just another location. And I’m not even from Colorado - I’m from Texas. That gives me some credibility when I sing Colorado’s praises, right? Despite my open mind and the other places I have experienced, I always come back to this beautiful state.

I grew up going to Colorado every spring and summer since the year I was born. It’s like a second home to me; it’s where my heart feels the fullest.

Most recently, I had the joy of road tripping to Colorado for some celebration with friends (my roommate got engaged!) and some skiing as well as exploring. We specifically went to Vail, Colorado. Vail is a little bit pricey but there are so many ways to have free fun in Vail. (You do have to pay for food though…which I think is worth it).

photo by Hunter Folsom

Vail Village is like time-traveling into an old ski town at Christmastime. It is decked out in boughs and holly - the people of Vail spare no doorway. It is so picturesque, and dropping in and out of storefronts is one of my favorite ways to spend time there.

photo by Hunter Folsom

I love the architecture in Vail. It transports you to a small German town. We walked the entirety of Vail Village on this day after having a breakfast burrito at Yeti’s Grind.

photo by Hunter Folsom

After a few hours in Vail Village, we walked the trail over to Lionshead Village, an extension of Vail. This is the Vail Public Library. On one side, there’s trees and open spaces and a creek while on the other side there’s a road where a bus runs through.

photo by Hunter Folsom

There are lots of residences and hotels lining this walk to Lionshead. Most people here use the gondola lift at the base of Lionshead for skiing in the winter or for mountain biking in the summer. (We would just take the gondola up to eat food at the restaurant on top of the mountain in the summers...clearly the active family.)

This is a cozy restaurant in Lionshead. It epitomizes mountain-town style restaurants. Mellow, crowded, dimly lit. They serve food like burgers and chili - stuff that will warm you up instantly - and the people all look tired out from a day of skiing in single-digit weather.

The following day we hit the slopes.

photo by Hunter Folsom

Skiing feels a little like flying to me. You zoom down the slope, the only thing keeping you from taking off seems to be the powder your skis track beneath and above - up and down like waves rolling into the shore. You glide. Sure, learning wasn’t easy but after a few years, it became one of my favorite things to do.

I miss Colorado already, and it’s been less than a month since I last saw it. If you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend going - if you’re anything like me, you’ll keep going back for more because one trip is never enough.