The Hard Wait

Waiting is hard enough

Waiting for the next thing to come

Waiting to be where I wish I was now

Waiting for this dull and dry season to end


Dry and dreary days

The days that are so short

But the season that is so long

Floating and waiting


Why can’t time go faster?

There is so much more waiting for me

Calling for me

But I can’t have it yet

Instead I am here

Instead I am to enjoy right-here grace

But my soul is aching and longing

For something more


I feel as though my pain will end

When I am past this time of waiting

The next thing looks so good from here

From my perspective I can only see freedom

I can see a new beginning


“Already not yet”

Aren’t you sick of hearing that?

I am

Impatiently I wait for the next thing

Impatiently I wait for freedom

True freedom


Waiting is hard

But the hardest thing

The most difficult desire that I am called to wait for

Is the thing I want the most

The thing I am jealous that others already have

The day that I will be dancing with you

The days that will be endless

Endless joy and endless freedom

Where there is no more pain,

No more tears

My soul yearns for that

More than any other good thing

That should come my way

My soul yearns for it

My soul yearns for You


I will wait

But it will be hard

I will be floating

But only for now