Love Your City

I believe every city out there has something beautiful to offer. Whether it's an old run-down town with antique shops, a college town with every type of food place imaginable, a quiet town with land for miles on out, or the busy city with a never ending nightlife. Even though it seems as if every other city is more exciting than the one you're currently in, you might be missing what's right in front of you.

Has someone ever come to visit your city for the first time and gawked over all there is to see and do? How does that amazement fade so quickly even when it's not dependent on how much of it you actually accomplish?

I recently had a friend in town, so naturally I had to brainstorm outside my normal routine and think, "Okay, what would someone really fun do on a Friday night?" I came up with a long list of things for us to do, some of which I had done once before, and others I hadn't had the chance to yet. We ended up exploring downtown and finding the cutest coffee shops, hiking up a mountain to see the gorgeous sunset, walking around the lake, and eating at some incredible places. Throughout the week I kept thinking to myself, "Wait, so why haven't I gone out to do this before?!"

It's pretty humorous how we can live in a place that we've only explored half of. As if going out to one baseball game, and a couple restaurants around town is "doing it all." Sometimes it feels like you've done more because you drive by the popular golf course on your way to work every day, but you're missing the point! It's like living in Arizona and never taking a trip to see The Grand Canyon (me). Or growing up in Seattle and never going up to the top of The Space Needle (me). Or living in Washington D.C. and never driving by The White House (is that a thing?) Somewhere along the way we find comfort in our normal schedule and home life, and forget to explore around our city.

So why am I bringing this up? Because the busyness of life is succeeding far too much in convincing people they don't have time to do things for themselves. People are unhappy with their boring everyday routine and their friends are tired of hearing them complain about how they don't have things to do even if they did have the time. I'm here to confess that I'm guilty of being that person, and to also say how excited I am to go out and explore more of my city.

The community and city around you is a gift. What better time to explore where you're at than right now? That way, afterwards, when you want to complain about how you don't have anything to do in your boring town, at least it might be accurate since you can say you've done it all.

Go explore, friends. Love your city. You'll be left with knowing you do live a full life, and feeling perfectly content exactly where you are.