Setting an Intention Over a Resolution

It’s that time of year again: resolution time!  Oh I’m sure by now you’ve been bombarded with “resolution talk” on the TV, radio, or your social media feeds.

It was only a matter of time before you heard about that five-day bone broth cleanse or the booklet that provides you with 65 steps to organization enlightenment.


Now don’t get wrong. I’m actually a huge believer in New Year’s resolutions and bettering oneself (literally just joined a new gym and bought a planner last week). But this year, a singular resolution focused solely on me feels a little cheap.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say 2016 was challenging. It brought on so many cultural and political qualms—things we all had to face head on. As many (including myself) are still processing that year, we’ve been presented with the blank slate of 2017.

And while there are a lot of uncertainties about these next 365 days, I want to spend them bettering not only myself, but also spreading joy to those around me.

Instead of a resolution, this year I’m setting an intention. To be intentional about loving on people. 

In 2017, I want to:

  • foster more community

  • invite friends both new and old into my home

  • feed people

  • lend a listening ear

  • get to know someone who is completely different than me

  • pray for those who are persecuted

I truly believe God has so much more for us in 2017.  No matter the political climate, no matter what the world throws our way, He’s given us the power to love and to serve one another.