6 Things I Learned in My First Year as a Student

Are you a uni student? What an exciting time for you! Last year was my first year as a student and it was one of the best and most difficult experiences ever. I made loads of amazing friendships but change and transition is never a walk in the park. It was a year full of adjusting and growing so I thought I’d share a few lessons I learned along the way…


Make your room homey

Student bedrooms have a pretty standard feel to them and can be very impersonal spaces. Treat your new room as a blank canvas and get creative. I promise some fairy lights, photos of friends and family, and a snuggly blanket will make your room the cozy haven you need it to be. New places and people can feel a little overwhelming, so making your room your safe space is really important.

Learn how to cook from the beginning

My first year away from home mostly consisted of meals from a very lovely boyfriend who enjoyed cooking (and was pretty good too!). As helpful as it was at the time, I’m now in my second year and have zero domestic skills. It’s not brilliant when a 20-year-old invites a friend for dinner and serves up pink chicken and BOILED baked potatoes?! (True story). Invest in a student cookbook and watch some tutorials if need be, but get cooking ASAP.

Hot beverages bond people

Get the kettle on, my friends, because nothing says peace offering like a cup of tea or coffee. Tensions with your flat mates? Someone having a bad day? Offer them all a cuppa. Communal tea and biscuit time was the foundation of my friendships in first year (and continues to be now!).

Call home often (but not too often)

The pace of life as a student can often be pretty intense- it sometimes feels like the days just disappear (I don’t even know the date most days!) but making time to call or skype friends and family is such a lovely way to feel connected to those back home and burst the student bubble a little. Often I don’t realize how much I need to talk to my parents until I pick up the phone and get chatting!

Make a good friendship group outside of your flat mates

It’s pretty inevitable that you’ll become close with those you live with because you spend so much time together. You’ll see their best and worst moments and learn their quirks and habits. However, spending too much time with one group can cause a few tensions and having friends from your courses and other activities is a great way to meet more people (plus, some time apart makes you appreciate your flat mates more).

Date yourself

The first few months of student life can be so full on. Everything will feel new and exciting, but with change can come some anxiety and I’ve learnt that there’s no shame in grabbing a book, finding a quirky little café and enjoying a coffee for one. Honestly, even the most extroverted people need a bit of alone time occasionally!