To My Internet Friends

I think my mom thinks I’m crazy.

My friends kind of turn their head in confusion.

My husband now knows their names because I talk about them so much.

But this is an open to letter to my internet friends. The ones who let me vent and bear their soul to me. The ones who share my passions of books, design, creativity, and so many other activities.

To you,

While you may feel like it is just a simple 140 characters, Facebook status, or Instagram comment, your words mean everything. Even though you may only get two favorites- you are incredibly dear to me. I know what is going on in your life- even if it’s only the tidbits I get every once in awhile. I care how your heart is doing and what is stirring inside of you. Your passions and dreams and what you want to accomplish, both now and in the future.  

I have told some of you more than I tell my “real life” friends. I have gone to you quicker than most- knowing that if I write a post- you will respond at sometime with the few or many words that I exactly need to hear. Your advice is constant and even though so many of you come from different paths- each piece is valuable.  When I go through something new or hard, you have been there and know what to say. When someone I know and love was diagnosed with cancer, you took the time to tell me your stories & hand me your prayers.

I want you to know that I see you:

I see your love of words & community.

I see your gift of encouraging.

I see your passion for people and animals.

I see your gift of journaling & God’s word.

I see your need to know about the past & how it applies to the present.

I see your love of travel.

Every little thing you share is what I know of you. Sure, I “might not really know you,” like my mother claims. But you make me feel like I do. Like I am a friend that you take out to coffee or have dinner dates with monthly.

When we do meet up in real life, it is one of the most beautiful and life giving things in my life. There are no awkward silences. No short of subjects to talk about. You ask me about my move, marriage, or family, and I ask you about your family, job, or side hustle. We know each other. We understand each other. Our dreams and desires aren’t weird- they are our commonality. What may seem far fetched to those around us are our normalcies.

I wish I could write down every instance of how you have helped me. How you have encouraged me to become myself , void of what others think or of trends. To encourage new hobbies or push me to go alone to a networking event. I could go on. And I want to. But I think that you know who you are.

To those internet friends. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I plan on keeping you close for forever.