5 Ways to Find Those Home-y Feelings

If you've ever moved away from home, you know how it goes for trying to rebuild those "home-y" feelings. That wave of peace that rushes over you as a reminder that everything's going to be okay. Where you feel safe, comfortable and where your heart feels all warm and fuzzy. Hence "home-y" feelings.

I've now made my second move from my hometown, which is much farther than the first time, as now it's across states! I find myself getting lost quite often on missing home and wondering if it was too crazy of me to move so far away. I call both places home but for very different reasons. One is home because it's my current place of residency; the other I call home because that's how it makes me feel.

My first move was actually the harder of the two. I got so caught up in loneliness that I dug myself into a pity hole. Definition: a place (often a hole) you get yourself into where you are so alone and lonely from your own actions and feelings because you feel so bad for yourself.

Every night I was like, "Whyyyyyyy is this happening to me?! I have no friends, no life, and this sucks."

But what was I doing about it? -- nothing.

This second time I moved I made sure to have my priorities straight. My first goal was to find a church to get connected into - because I knew that's where I felt comfortable meeting people. Once I found a church, I signed up and attended everything I could. It was a lot in the beginning, but it paid off because I found myself with friends and places to go just a few weeks in.

Alongside that, I found myself a job, coffee shops and yummy restaurants where I could run off to and feel a part of my city.

It was the best feeling in the world to be back at my "real home" for Christmas and be missing my "new home". I hope you followed that. For once in my life, a place apart from where I grew up felt like home.

This was all a while ago, but it's recently dawned on me because I started miss home and feeling lonely again. Missing home is okay. That's something you need to know and accept. But the big realization I had was that, you can make anywhere feel like home. Yes, a part of you will always be where you grew up, but if you stay attached there forever, you might hold yourself back from something/somewhere greater. When you put yourself out there to be a part of your new home and city, I can promise you, you'll feel those home-y feelings again!

5 tips on how to get those home-y feelings the healthiest way possible:

  1. GET INVOLVED. Be more out of your comfort zone than maybe you're used to! Join clubs, attend some type of gathering, go sit at a coffee shop, etc. BE a part of your city and don't be afraid to start conversation. I've met some great friends this way.

  2. BE YOU. I know I just told you to get out of your comfort zone (which may be a little less like "you") but still be you. Let me say this differently: show people the true you! There's nothing worse than making new friends by being someone you're not... that will probably make you miss home more. So, don't be afraid to show your true colors. People will like you for you!

  3. EXPLORE. Beyond indoor places around town, go explore the nature around you. I find that when I can appreciate the beauty around me, it makes me love my city even more. Go hiking or watch the sunset, or maybe drive around until you find something that makes you want to stop!

  4. DECORATE. If you're one of those people who still has your stuff in boxes... don't do that. Hang up some pictures, get some fun decorations and make your home feel like home. Part of those home-y feelings come from how it looks. Do yourself a favor!

  5. STAY CONNECTED. As important as it is to find new friends, it's also important to keep ahold of those relationships you've made previously. Send a text every once in a while reminding them how much they mean to you, or check in with a phone call. There's nothing like those forever friends.

Nobody likes change. Moving is only fun for a couple weeks, until it doesn't feel like vacation anymore. But there's good news: home is wherever your heart is - so make sure you don't leave it behind!