Four Books with Main Characters Who You’ll Wish Were Real

I’ve recently finished up several books with main characters that were one dimensional and unrelatable. The plots were rich and I closed the final pages as a satisfied reader, but I ached for a main character or two that I’d miss upon the close of the novel. So, I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time reflecting on the characters who I deeply wished were real people I could call friends. 

1. Willow from Counting By Sevens

Her quirky, kind teenage self will make her irresistible to you. She’d educate you, while stealing your heart with her honest-to-a-fault personality. You’d wish the best for her as you mourn the loss of her parents beside her. 

Mid-novel you’ll find yourself deeply invested in Willow’s fate along with the sudden realization that she’s grabbed a piece of your heart you didn’t know was available to her. It’s impossible not to find yourself cheering for her, drawn to her, and -at the close of the novel- so sad your friendship with her is over. 

2. Lou from The Coincidence of Coconut Cake

Lou is the quietly brave friend you always find yourself admiring. She’s the woman you’re glad to know because while she’s honest about her fears and pain, she’s also a friend you believe in profoundly. 

It won’t take long to understand why this novel is a fun love story -Lou is so easy to love. Not only is her food and determination for success intoxicating, but her easy-going confidence will have you hungering for more of Lou. 

3. Samantha from Dear Mr. Knightley

Samantha, an accomplished graduate of The School of Hard Knocks, is a pure joy to read and know. Her kind heart and perseverance is what makes friendship rich. Despite the fact that she’s a fictional character, you’ll suddenly notice how desperate you are for Samantha to find success. 

The plot and structure in this novel are fascinating. Add Samantha and the book draws you in close and tight. She’s a younger version of yourself, a young woman you want to encourage and advise. All things you’ll see come to fruition at the close of the novel. 

4. Enzo from The Art of Racing in the Rain

If the fur and the unwavering loyalty of dogs doesn’t make you want a pet, Enzo will. He’s a hilarious, canine narrator that won’t allow you to put the book down. Life will look different after Enzo -especially if you share yours with a pup. 

Not only is Enzo impressibly faithful to his owner (and family), but his dog perspective is refreshing to life in general. His ability to make you laugh, cry, and hope for the best is almost unbelievable, until you remember he’s a dog.