Two Magazines Every Woman Should Read

Let’s face it: most magazines are full of gossip or drama. If they aren’t littered with less-than-desirable topics, they are often full of unrealistic images that women are plagued by every single day.

This is why I have such a deep appreciation for these two magazines: they don’t retouch the women in their images. They both provide a breath of fresh air in the publication world, being passionate about the uniqueness women bring to the table as well as real beauty.

Darling: the art of being a woman

Darling is… the art of being a woman. Darling magazine holds the modern mold of woman up to the fire to evoke a discussion on femininity and re-shape an authentic design. Darling is a catalyst for positive change; leading women to discover beauty apart from vanity, influence apart from manipulation, style apart from materialism, sweetness apart from passivity, and womanhood without degradation. Darling leads women to practice the arts of virtue, wit, modesty, and wisdom – all the while creating beauty and embodying love. Darling says women are not only interesting, but original, not only good enough, but exceptional – not just here, but here for a purpose.

With eight sections in each volume titled: The Dreamer, The Achiever, The Hostess, The Intellectual, The Stylist, The Confidant, The Beautician, and The Explorer. There are recipes, interviews with well-known influencers, style insight, and articles for everyone. Darling is the perfect mix of practicality and inspiration, stunning graphic design and stellar content.

To learn more, visit their website:

Deeply Rooted: Glorifying God in Womanhood

Deeply Rooted Magazine is a quarterly…. publication printed on high-quality paper. The magazine is aesthetically different than other Christian publications on the market. Its clean design, high standards for presentation, and carefully curated content, means Deeply Rooted Magazine can easily transition from coffee table centerpiece to devotional companion.

To encourage, educate, and inspire Christ-following women into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ so they may become deeply rooted in their faith.

Each issue contains articles in Christ Follower, Creator, Helpmate, Keeper of the Home, Mother, and Individual. What I love most about Deeply Rooted is that it has all the makings of Pinterest – beautiful images, ways to become a better woman, tips for the home, recipes, and lovely quotes – all under the light of the gospel of grace, rooted in a strong relationship with Christ.

To learn more, visit their website:

If you like what you saw, order a copy! When it comes in the mail fix a yummy drink and treat yourself to some time off your feet and to meaningful, beautiful content. You deserve it.