Five Books for Your Faith

I’ve been a reader as long as I can remember. As a young kid I’d fall asleep with a dozen books piled on top of myself, all waiting to be read. My husband claims I still do. And, my nightstand, it overflows with novels needing to be started, finished, and given to another reader. So today, I empty off that nightstand by recommending five reads that I promise will influence your relationship with Him in one way or another. 

To Examine Your Heart 

The Buddha Walks Into a Bar by Lordo Rinzler

I originally got this from because it was a daily deal that cost only $3.95. It seemed interesting enough and the narrator’s voice didn’t annoy me. So, purchase. And boy am I glad I did. The first two thirds of the book fascinated me with a rich conversation about motivation and intention. I spent several days looking at the why and how behind things I do. This one promises to enlighten you about another religion while expanding your ability to look into your own heart. 

To Inspire Your Spirit

Bandersnatch by Erika Morrison

Morrison is a visual artist, writer, and (recently) discovered prayer dancer. Her path is unconventional and, as she calls it, avant garde, but gloriously set aside by Him. The way Morrison writes is divine -truly beautiful- and her approach to life, faith, and trial is truly one-of-a-kind, yet relatable. I found myself falling in love with her unique desire to chase what He’s set apart for her while being inspired to find my own Kingdom calling. 

To Calm Your Doubts

Faith Unraveled by Rachel Held Evans

Previously known as Evolving in Monkeytown, Held Evans lends you knowledge and tools (as well as safe space) to name the doubts that have been haunting your faith. Her words are smart and well-used (also, easy to read), but her brain is brilliant. The thoughts and conversations this book holds are honest blessings. 

To Soothe Your Struggle

When We Were On Fire by Addie Zierman 

That tough childhood church experience that still lights a burning, angry feeling in your soul will be softened and laid to rest with the kind, gentle prodding of Zierman. Her writing is approachable and caring while breaking apart every ounce of your excuses for hating the history of your faith. There’s a breath of fresh air waiting for you at the end of the novel -a breath you didn’t know you were desperately needing. 

To Read Next

Unreasonable Hope by Chad Veach

I discovered this one through Instagram and couldn’t help checking it out when I saw the gorgeous pink cover design. But then, the premise of hope and hurt grabbed my heart and squeezed it tight. I need this one because tragedy happens and some days we need a life raft. You need this one because some days you’re drowning and others you’re saving and this book is going to help us do a better job of each. 

And now that you’re revolutionized your whole train of thought, what recommendations would you add to list (and, for extra credit, why)?