I’ve struggled for so long always feeling like I needed to be wanted, invited, or that life has to open up for an opportunity for me to be able to do something that I’m striving after. Maybe it’s fear. Maybe it’s not letting courage run full force. But what I do know, and what I’m learning, is that I’m already invited. You & me both. We don’t have to wait around to chose joy or to fight for ourselves. We don’t need an invitation. Life already invites us to do it. Every single day the Lord challenges us to live a life worth something. You’re already invited. I’m gonna start living like it.
— Taylor Tippett

This was written by an American Airlines flight attendant named Taylor Tippett. She’s only slightly older than me, but she seems to just get it. She’s also a world traveler — can you say dream life? We don’t need a handwritten invitation to live life courageously, actively, or in full-force — that invitation is written into the makeup of our souls. It was engraved there the moment we were born; we only have to choose to RSVP.


As His children, we are challenged to to seek Him and encouraged to be in active relationship with Him. It’s not simply “divine intervention and then life is perfect,” rather, it is a process. It is a two-way street. God meets us and we must choose to meet Him, too. And that is where living a daring, unafraid life comes in.

We have this strange human tendency to complicate things that can truly be so simple. As Taylor says, “we are already invited to partake in this beautiful thing called life.” Don’t overthink it — just go. Taking that plunge looks different for everyone. Maybe for you it’s investing into the community that’s intimidated you for far too long. Maybe it’s saying “yes” to that job that pays less but offers greater reward. Maybe it’s moving across the country. Maybe it’s moving back to your hometown, or maybe it’s staying exactly where you are. It is often easier, though, to rest in a belief that God didn’t create a unique or exciting life for you; that your day is likely to be boring or uneventful.

I’m nothing special, so why should I believe God has a specific purpose for me?

This is just a complete lie — so cut yourself off from that! God has a unique purpose for every single one of His children. The only time life becomes boring is when we grow lazy, when we grow complacent, when we stop seeking Him, and when we get too comfortable.

My friend Allie told me she woke up one Wednesday recently and her first thought was something like, “Ugh, too much to do today, don’t want to do it.” But imagine my disbelief when she told me what came next. Her second thought was, “Lord, order my path today.” That impacted me way more than she realizes. Those five words — “Lord, order my path today” have come to define my 7:03 AM every single day (my alarm goes off at 7:02 AM, and it takes me about a minute to become coherent after sleeping).

When the days seem monotonous, when I grow weary of doing good, when I feel like I’m not making a difference, when I feel like I have absolutely no direction, when I believe I’m not going to get a job, like, ever — those are the moments I have trained myself to simply turn to God and ask Him to please order my path. By being actively prayerful in day-by-day, moment-by-moment decisions, I am choosing to listen for God’s guidance on where to go or what to do next. Whether it’s simply striking up a conversation with someone I don’t know well or it’s something as big as uprooting my life and moving to a foreign place, I want to be aware of God’s invitation to follow His plan. Although I don’t know what His plan is for me, I do know one thing — it’s going to be one permeated with His love, His joy, and His peace. With that in mind, I’m definitely going to RSVP “yes.”


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