Why We Should Care More about our Health

Health… our society is obsessed with it.

Special diets, nutritional supplements, organic products, Essential Oils, workout routines, gym memberships, recipe substitutions, meal planning, farmers’ markets, medications, doctors, alternative treatments, and more!

We read books, skim magazines, watch TV shows, utilize apps, listen to podcasts, and surf the web, all in the interest of improving our health.

But why?

Why worry? Why such focus on our bodies? Our physicality, our emotions, our psyches?

Reasons often include:

  1. Looking good (no doubt according to the standard we’re fed by media)
  2. Meeting people (it’s such a craze that you’re bound to meet like-minded enthusiasts)
  3. Fitting in (admit it, even as adults we don’t want to feel left out)
  4. Fitting into clothes (because summer wardrobes can be a nightmare)
  5. Stress relief (workouts can work wonders for threshing out stress)

And much more!

Admittedly, I am not a health nut. Before I married my more diet-conscious husband, I enjoyed my fair share of McDonald’s and Taco Bell. I love chocolate cupcakes! And I haven’t really made use of a gym membership since my undergrad when I had access to a rock climbing wall.

But after putting on more newlywed weight than expected and dealing with months of back pain and fatigue, my husband and I decided enough was enough. At the beginning of 2016 we started making use of the gym at our apartment complex a few times a week. I began working out along with a Jillian Michaels DVD a couple times a week (brutal), and we started tracking calorie intake, cutting out sodas, and limiting desserts. It was time to feel better.

And while feeling better and looking good for my husband and not feeling self-conscious in shorts are all good things that come from working out and getting healthy, I want to suggest to you that there is a much greater and far superior reason for us to take care of our bodies:

As a Christian, our body is God’s holy temple.[1]

No, I don’t mean obsessively pinning every Essential Oils combo or a daily check-in to “webmd” is the way to go – but being conscientious about the nutrients we give ourselves and our families, being active, and having regular medical checkups are important parts of maintaining God’s temples.

You don’t purchase a new car and never change its oil, give it whatever kind of gasoline you want regardless of what is recommended for its engine, never wash it, never clean it out, or leave it sitting in the garage for a year.

You don’t buy a house or even rent an apartment expecting to never have to do any maintenance, replace some light bulbs, add some furniture, or sweep the floors.

You don’t invest in a new laptop without adding the necessary software, performing scheduled updates, or occasionally formatting your disks.

Each of these things are lovely and exciting when they’re new. We are gung-ho to maintain them and keep them looking and running at their best. And the same is true of our bodies.

We need some maintenance.

We need the right fuel: physically (good nutrition), emotionally (healthy relationships), mentally (continual learning), and spiritually (lots of prayer and time in the Word). We need activity (exercise and time outdoors) and interaction (socially – whether extroverted or introverted).

So go ahead:

  • Look better
  • Meet people
  • Fit in
  • Feel confident
  • Relieve stress
  • Feel better

But most importantly, let’s treat our bodies like the temples they are – lovely, exciting, useful, and valuable to us and to the One who created them.

[1] 1 Corinthians 16:19-2