A Rising Year in Review

2016 was a big year for The Rising! Our team grew like wildfire, we shared posts nearly every weekday consistently, we talked about new topics, we asked for your feedback, we shared new kinds of content, and we reached many new people around the world. It was an awesome year around here, and we want to share some highlights with you all-- our valued readers! You viewed our pages more than 22,000 times this year and we don't take a single one of those clicks for granted.

We couldn't do what we do with The Rising if it wasn't for each and every one of you coming here to read our words and join the conversation. We so appreciate you.

As the owner and editor of this website, it feels like such an honor and such a joy to get to brag about all the awesome people on my team that make this project truly a gift to manage.

Let's give these people (and our most popular posts!) some props!


This site would not be possible if it weren't for a few key people who work diligently day in and day out to get posts edited, formatted, written, and shared with the world.

Major props to our assistant editors, Holly and Taylor, for all their incredible work with our team of writers to get posts polished and prepped for publication every week. And a huge shout-out to Emilee who makes our Instagram look picture perfect every day so you Instagrammers always know when new posts are live!

Can't thank these three enough. The real MVPs.

As these three women (plus me) make up the core team of The Rising, I wanted to give them a chance to look back at this year and spotlight some favorites too!

Holly's favorite posts:

Taylor's favorite posts:

Emilee's favorite posts:

My (Rachel's) favorite posts:


  • We launched our Instagram. Follow us here -- we'll follow you back!
  • We shared posts from brave writers under an "Anonymous" byline -- we're proud to give writers a space to share even if they want to do so without recognition. Read all anonymous posts here!
  • We made some homepage updates -- we'll probably make even more in 2017!
  • We did our first ever reader survey -- thanks to all who responded and helped us better understand our audience and what's working (and not) with The Rising!


  • We have big dreams to start a podcast...
  • We want to write more ebooks for you...
  • We want to grow the team even more! If you know of any interested writers, send them our way!

Here's to a happy and healthy 2017!

Thanks for being The Rising with us.