A Love Letter to Your Truest Self

What happened to your heart that day that caused the light to leave your eyes?
What called your soul to stop its dance and your heart's song not to rise?
What caused you to believe that love was lost, what gash has never healed?
What caused such pain to silence you, this lack of trust used like a shield?
Why did your emotions flat line, and your sense of joy diminish?
What made you to believe all dreams were dead and never yours to finish?
What's to blame for this painful numbness that's settled in your bones?
What's pulled your voice from deep within and left only whispered tones?
Why do you cling to chaos, and shun a life of  peace?
What happened to the you who laughed and looked at life with ease?
What made your chest feel small and tight, so hollow, cold, and barren?
It used to be so filled with hope. So open, warm, and daring. 
I wish this wasn't how you saw yourself, that the murky haze would lift.
That you would know you are a treasure, that your life is such a gift. 
I pray the chains around your heart would lose their hold and crumble.
So that when love and hope would hit you, they'd make the ground beneath you tremble.
I long for the day you see yourself as you truly are in His eyes.
That truth would overwhelm your mind and shatter all the lies. 
Because this isn't how you were meant to live, these scars aren't yours to bear.
You were made to run with ringing laughter and freedom tangled in your hair.