To The Jerk in Your Brain



You sit there and you wait. You scan the flurry of our thoughts and you look for the one that will become your prey. You stalk the innermost web of consciousness until an opportunity comes to bend it to your will. 

We're tired of your noise. We're tired of the way you latch onto the things that bring us life and tear them apart. We're sick of how you sit in the background and whisper doubt into the folds of who we are, what we do, and who we love.  

We're done with how you shake us from confidence to anxiety, causing questions to arise when before there were none. We're finished with the doubt that eats away at the heart of everything we do. We've had it with the constant battle that wages behind eyes that have already found the answer. 


You're no longer welcome here. You're fired. Clean out your desk of lies and make your home somewhere else. This mind is not yours anymore. 

We were not made to live in your grasp. We were not designed to go only as far as your tether allows. We were not intended to battle the resistance you weave in contempt.  

We were made to live freely and boldly. We were designed to run through the world with wide-eyed curiosity without borders or boxes. We were intended to rest in the gift of  a life that was promised. 

So go. Enough. We're finished with you. 

We're done.