And Here, There is Hope

Today, I am here to tell you that there is hope.

I am sitting here, listening to the new Bon Iver album, and full of wonder about the future. I am not sure how I got here or even where to go next, but I know that I am grateful.

After the last year, a year of a lot of sorrow and pain and growth, I thought we were in a season of stepping back. We opted out of so many things, in order to make room for health and real life. We removed ourselves from so much that there were a lot of empty spaces. But, oh-so-subtly, God starting filling those empty spaces.

First, there was our new community. We did not have a faith congregation, but we found community literally all around us - our next door neighbors, other business owners, friends of friends that we somehow clicked with.

Next, there was a rise of new opportunities. I was careful to not fill the voids with new ideas simply to compete or to make a statement or to try to prove myself to those that had doubted me. But, despite my awareness of the competitive spirit within me, something new was slowly birthed. An empty building turned into an idea, which turned into an inevitable goal, which turned into a new crazy adventure to take.

And now the path laid out before us is unpredictable. Nothing is certain. And somehow, everything has come alive. I have a sureness; not in the details or specifics, but in the direction. And, for the first time, I am okay to not have a sure plan. I do not know what the future holds, but I know God leads.

So, if you have found yourself at the end of despair, feeling like a failure and wondering if all the work that you put in was in vain, I am here to tell you that there is hope. I will not misquote scripture to you or lead you falsely, but know that there is power in hard work, in doing the right thing, and in perseverance.

I know you know what I mean - that moment when you thought no one was watching and you still did the right thing; that moment that you stayed true to yourself when the world was beckoning you to be false, or the moment when you ended something that felt impossible to end, but you knew it was right.

You stayed true. You believed that there was a better life in being honest. You had the hard conversation. You made the difficult decision that lead to greater health and healing. You kept gratitude as a center.

At the end of those hard, but good decisions, there is a God that fills the empty spaces. If you are brave enough to believe him and strong enough to wait on him and faithful enough to act when all the pieces are not fitting together, he will meet you there.

At least, that is what I have found.

And here, there is hope.