My Body // A Poem

My body

Is not yours

You are not entitled to touch

You don’t have permission to feel

You are not allowed to grab

That was never part of the deal.


My body

Is mine

My own skin,

My own home,

My own muscles,

My own bones.


I do not exist to entertain you

I’m not here to give you a show

I do not exist for your pleasure

This should be obvious, you know.


When I walk past,

Do not holler about my ass.

When my face is tired,

Do not demand that I smile.


I speak from experience

I’ve been harassed, abused, mistreated

Bruised and beaten badly

From boys who also cheated


My body

Is my only one

You have no ownership here

I should be able to move and be

And live in my skin without fear


I am not here to be conquered

I am not here to be claimed

I am here to live my damn life

Not to feel small or trapped or ashamed


This is my declaration,

This is my decree

My body was never for you, boy

My body is fully, beautifully, only