Christ, or the Commander in Chief?

Regardless of the current rhetoric, would either of you name one positive thing that you respect in one another?
— Karl Becker

As the final question of the second presidential debate was spoken—at the peak of the argumentative chaos, no less—an audible roar of laughter rolled through the crowd.  

I could literally feel my shoulders ease, and lungs fill once again with breath as the candidates gave their responses.

I have always been interested in politics, but this election, I’m hyper-focused (as I’m sure much of America can relate). My husband and I have dutifully watched every debate, read up on policies and agendas, and tried to keep on top of news relevant to the campaigns.

Not that it necessarily matters to the purpose of this conversation, but #ImWithHer (for many, many reasons, other than the fact I’m not a fan of Trump). That said, I’d like to be honest with you: I’ve spent a lot of time during this election season getting worked up, overwhelmed, and truly vicious about Donald Trump. Among friends, family, and co-workers, I’ve literally called this man “Satan,” “moron,” “monster,” and a host of other words I probably shouldn’t share with the interwebs. I’m going to take a wild guess that you’ve said something similar about your opposing party’s candidate too (or perhaps both ☺).

On Sunday evening, as the debate ebbed and flowed, you bet I had a response or jeer for every remark. But when Karl Becker, an undecided voter spoke the final question, I was speechless.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are just people. People who both believe they have what it takes to serve our country. While I strongly disagree with Trump’s views, his behavior, and his capability to be a leader, I know full well there are people who feel the same way about Hillary.

And in the true, grand scheme of things, God is ALWAYS in control. Whatever the outcome of November 8, my ultimate hope is in Christ, not the Commander in Chief.

Right after the debate, the antics still in my head, I climbed into bed with my Bible. And of course, I just so happened to turn to Luke 6:27, “Love your Enemies.”  In particular, verse 36 (“Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful”) stuck out to me.

Obviously, God had a few words for me that night. To be Christ-like, as we are called to do, we must RESPECT one another (i.e. this includes political situations). And no, that does not mean you need to agree with, or even like the other candidate.

While it may be challenging as Election Day draws near, my personal goal is to spend my energy advocating for who I favor, rather than demonizing who I don’t.

Note: The use of the word "respect" here does not mean "approve" or "condone" in reference to Donald Trump's actions or behaviors. Its use denotes that as Christians, we should be cordial with all, even those with don't agree with.