Get to Know Holly Paulette

Meet assistant editor Holly Paulette!


Name: Holly Paulette

Twitter: @hollycpaulette

Personal site:

The first post you wrote for The Rising: Whitewashed Tombs 

One book you would recommend that people read: Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker. I’m a groupie of Jen-anything, but this book rocked my view of a gospel-centered life.

Your music of choice for a good day: All Sons & Daughters anything

For a bad day: Joshua Radin, specifically his Simple Times album. Brings me back to my younger years and reminds me that life is oh-so-much better than high school.

Your coffee shop order: regular coffee, black (we’ve trained our taste buds to sort-of-enjoy Maxwell House at home, so anything is a treat)

Your ultimate dream job: Gosh. I want to write and edit for forever, but I think I want it to look a bit different than what I currently do—I’d love to make my own hours and work in my pajamas, to be honest. And I’ve got high hopes to write a book or seven one day.

Your guilty pleasure (of any variety): Doritos, y’all. I’m crazy about them. Give me a family-sized bag of the regular nacho cheese, and I’ll do like a magician and make them disappear. My husband wrapped a 12-pack of snack-sized bags for Christmas because he loves me and because moderation is key.

Something that changed your life forever: Becoming foster parents and welcoming a three-year-old into our lives a few months ago. He has transformed our understanding of love.

Tell us one random fact about you: Before meeting my farmer husband, I had never before been on a working farm. Or really, any farm at that. (And I still walk on my tip-toes and gag at any farm-y smells, so not much has changed other than being forced into rural living.)

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