Podcasts Your Life Needs // from Amber

I want to tell you all about Serial, This American Life, and TED Radio Hour, but the iTunes store top charts would recommend those to you. So, I picked the five podcasts I listen to as soon as episodes are released.

1.     Death, Sex and Money

Just as the title suggest, each week covers the Big Stuff of life: death, sex and money. Host Anna Sales talks to celebrity and average Joe about all the things we leave out of polite party conversation while pushing you to question the ways in which we’ve been taught to conceptualize and act in regards to death, sex and money.

Must Listen To: Joy Williams’ Public Breakup and Private Grief.

2.     Note to Self

Host Manoush Zomorodi tackles drama and dilemmas present in the digital age while seeking wisdom from the people directly affected by such issues. I’m thinking harder about the way I relate to and interact with technology while realizing my tools can affect -both negatively and positively- my relationships.

Must Listen To: How to Shake Up Your Echo Chamber

3.     Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

Following an every-other-week schedule, author Elizabeth Gilbert talks with struggling makers who are looking for inspiration and solutions to their stumbling blocks then she interviews another established creative for further advice for the maker. Often I found myself in the same boat as her callers, while hungering for all the wisdom Gilbert and friends have to give. 

Must Listen to: Episode 12: Big Strong Magic with Brene Brown

4.     The RobCast

A published author and pastor, Rob Bell produces a weekly PodCast that covers current events and the way they interact with faith. Vacillating between sermon-style delivery and interviews with experts in all kinds of areas, RobCast always offers a fresh, thought-provoking conversation that will promise to keep you thinking long after the episode ends.

Must Listen To: Episode 45: Grief, Loss, and Joy with David Kessler

5.     The Accidental Creative | Creativity, Innovation, and Doing Brilliant Work

Todd Henry -a published author and creative process guru- shares practical, everyday concepts to thrive in life and work. Henry often interviews other creatives, writers, and entrepreneurs, but peppers the content with episodes dedicated to his individual process and wisdom he’s gleaned along his journey. 

Must Listen To: Episode 20 - Geoff Colvin on Humans are Underrated

And a bonus, seasonal recommendation for Bachelor fans:

6.     Not Here to Make Friends

Two women, Emma and Claire, from the Huffington Post staff cover the happenings of each episode of The Bachelor on Tuesdays. The content seems fun and fluffy, but Emma and Claire breakdown feminist theory and publicity practices to dive deeper into the social implications from each week’s new episode.

Stay tuned as more of our writers recommend their favorite podcasts! Any we should know about? Leave us a comment!