Get to Know Dawn Acevedo

Name: Dawn Acevedo

Twitter: @dls0223

The first post you wrote for The Rising: Save The Leftovers

One book you would recommend that people read: Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Your music of choice for a good day: Rascal Flatts or my MercyMe station on Pandora

For a bad day: My MercyMe station on Pandora

Your coffee shop order: Grande non-fat ⅔ decaf white mocha with whip (noms) or grande chai latte with cinnamon dulce syrup.

Your ultimate dream job: Evangelical archaeologist

Your guilty pleasure (of any variety): Downton Abbey… and Dr. Pepper.

Something that changed your life forever: Dropping out of high school, following Jesus, traveling to Israel, and marrying my husband. (Sorry, that’s four somethings, hehe.)

Tell us one random fact about you: I love learning foreign languages!

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