Get to Know Amber Thomas

Name: Amber Thomas

Twitter: @mrthomasandme

Personal site:

The first post you wrote for The Rising: What Church Taught Me About Sex and Purity

One book you would recommend that people read: Screwtape Letters by CS Lewis

Your coffee shop order: Double Tall Vanilla Nonfat Latte. #allthecaffeine

Your ultimate dream job: A strong cocktail of creative work and mamahood.  

Your guilty pleasure (of any variety): Nachos with extra cheese. Especially the variety that come with creepy fake cheese like you find in ballparks nationwide.

Something that changed your life forever: adopting my littlest brother. marrying my husband. losing my dad to dementia.

Tell us one random fact about you: I can drive a 1963 John Deere Tractor. My dad taught me to drive one at seven AM on my fourteenth birthday because that’s when the law says it’s legal.

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