Sunday Morning Failure

It's been a long time since I've wanted to gather on a Sunday morning in a building. It's not that it's difficult to attend (although it is with a 2-year-old and a pregnant wife). The reason why I don't want to gather on a Sunday in a building with a bunch of other Christians is I don't get much from it. 

I am a part of a gathering with arguably one of the best communicators of our time, with people I dearly love and yet, Sunday is a lost cause. When I say lost cause, I mean it's been years since I've grown from my time on Sunday. Years since I couldn't wait to get out of bed in the morning to gather. 

Worshipping Everywhere But A Church Building

I've met God over a Chipotle burrito talking with a homeless man. I'd say I could feel the Divine's breath upon my neck. I've worshipped God on a 10-mile hike to Iceberg Lake and wept over its beauty. Worship occurs most mornings at my desk when my house is still asleep. I contemplate the nature of the universe and meditate on the infinitely good being we attribute the name Yahweh. 

I've worshipped until 2 in the morning with the Rethink staff as we share our stories and kindle deep bonds. Sitting in pubs with dear friends from far away places passing through, listening to podcasts, reading books, gathering with my home group on a Thursday night. 

They are all sacred. 

The confines of Sunday morning have stifled God for me. One person sharing their opinion of how they read the bible and declaring it as right? It's lost on me. Shallow lyrics played to lackluster melodies from the stage? They don't move me. 


When I sit in a small room with some of the same people in the large gathering and I hear their stories... the Divine is near. 

I honestly still feel ashamed of my lack of Sunday morning enthusiasm. I wish I got something out of that time. I know for many people Sunday gathering are a place where they meet God, and I am so glad they do. 

So... you may not see me in a church building very often. You may think I'm wayward by my absence. 


I'm actually more alive than ever before. Finding God in the everyday life I'm living.