1989 Gets a Makeover

You might love her or you might hate her, but it's undeniable that Taylor Swift is pretty much running the world of pop music these days. Her catchy songs are everywhere and it seems like every famous person has made an appearance at one of her concerts.

With the recent buzz about her taking her music off of Spotify, I assumed the girl wanted her music to pretty much be locked down and safely controlled. But then, Ryan Adams released a complete album covering 1989. Yep, he literally made his own 1989 album covering every single one of her songs. And she's been his biggest fan, sharing about it on all of her massively popular social media accounts. I was pretty surprised, honestly. I've obviously heard of people doing covers of songs, but never of an entire album.

I've been listening to the Ryan Adams album all day, and I have to say, it's pretty freaking good. It has a wholly different vibe than T. Swift-- much more singer-songwriter, a lot more electric guitar, a little punk-rock edgy style, and obviously a lower range for the vocals. It's interesting. More ominous than sparkly, more dive bar than huge concert arena, more bluesy than bubbly. If you're into that, even if you aren't into Taylor Swift, give Ryan Adams a listen.