Three Killer Albums

"Repave" by Volcano Choir

This album was recommended to me by a friend who found out I strongly dislike Bon Iver. The funny thing is, I loved this band, and it's Justin Vernon (aka Bon Iver) and his friends. The style of this music is just way better in my opinion-- more full, stronger beats and grooves, and more catchy.


"Something More than Free" by Jason Isbell

Jason Isbell is a folk-rock Americana singer-songwriter with a little grit and a whole lot of heart. This album is not quite country, not quite folk, not quite rock, not quite acoustic, but the best of all of those combined.


"Coming Home" by Leon Bridges

This album feels like an old, bluesy, soulful throwback, but it just came out this year, and Leon is only 26 years old. It feels like it should be the soundtrack to a summer drive through the country, or a dinner party over classic cocktails, or a romantic, candlelit date night. It's rich and smooth and sexy and you just can't miss it.

MUST LISTEN TRACK: "Smooth Sailin'"