An Introduction to Kick Things Off

Since this site has been down for a few months and a lot has changed since then (like the fact that I now am writing weekly here in this little column), I figured it might be good if I started by introducing myself.

I’m the editor of this corner of the Internet world we lovingly named The Rising just over a year ago. What that means is that I designed this site, I keep it running, I work with all of our writers, I write a lot, I run social media, I cast vision, I fix lots of typos, and the list goes on and on. Being part of this whole thing is truly a joy and an honor.

I live in Richmond, VA and have fallen in love with this River City. It’s full of coffeeshops and tattooed hipsters and huge murals and a river with rapids and so much history.

I kind of love stories…a lot. I started a project in the summer of 2014 called Story Seeker and it has changed my life.

I wear a lot of black but I can’t drink my coffee black.

I’m a gluten-free vegan. Not (entirely) by choice. Yes, I’m hungry all the time. I probably don’t get enough protein. Yes, gluten-free is cool and trendy, but I think that’s ridiculous because BREAD IS GOOD.

I’m an introvert and I read a lot of books. Those two things go together because when I’m avoiding people or recharging, I’m reading. Books are my best friends. (Don’t you think I’m super cool now?)

I can’t get over grace. It’s huge. It’s radical. It’s life-changing. It’s been wrecking me this summer to try to wrap my head around grace and what it means that I’m beloved and redeemed. Grace truly is an ocean and I’m definitely drowning in it in the best way.

I’ve been learning a lot about habits and diligence lately. I tried to write an ebook and failed. (I wrote a blog about it that you’ll see here soon.) Then, I tried to do a doodling project for 100 days in a row and I succeeded. Both taught me a lot.

I get to work for Rethink Creative Group for a living, which doesn’t feel like work most of the time, but has taught me a lot about living. The men that are my coworkers are more like my brothers, and I love that we’re all in this crazy thing together. We also live in all different cities--fun fact!

I took a two-week cross country roadtrip with my dad this summer and it was amazing. (More on that later, too!)

I try to live my life with eyes wide open. I try to write it all down. I try to live more and more like Jesus every day, and I fail a lot. I’m open and honest and believe in wholehearted authenticity through the good and the bad and the ugly. I’ll be sharing all of that here. I hope you’ll stick around.