The Long Pause, Anticipation, And A Great Shift

The conductor took his spot upon the pedestal and raised his hands ready to direct the orchestra in a masterpiece. For the next four minutes and thirty three seconds the orchestra sat silent. They played the infamous piece by composer John Cage, titled 4'33".

The song consists of 3 movements that are all silent. Cage wanted the audience to experience the sounds of the environment in which the performance is taking place. Great work often requires a refrain. Like a fine wine, or rich scotch when creativity has room to breath it produces a more robust taste. 

Next Friday The Rising will take a long pause. The site will look a little different, and there will not be any new content until September. The pause is for a purpose. The writers of The Rising have changed. The parent company, Rethink, is changing and growing and it's time for us to take a step back to bring a better, more compelling approach to our work here. 

We hope to, with your help, grow anticipation for the relaunch of The Rising in September, so be looking for more information over the coming months as to how we will do that. 

The Rising is also going to be shifting how we approach our writing and content creation. Again this is all a bit vague, but I can only imagine the first time John Cage conducted 4'33" what the audience's thoughts must have been. We hope that you listen to the sounds that surround your environment as we create silently over the Summer months. 

Before we leave you know this....


When we return...


no thing will be like it is now.