Three Things To Listen To

Matthew Mayfield -- WILD EYES

This album is Matthew Mayfield at his best-- soulful, rich, bluesy, poignant, haunting...I love it. I first discovered him when he opened for Needtobreathe in Charlottesville, VA, and I'm so glad I did as he's now one of my very favorite musicians. When he sings in that low, gravelly voice (especially when paired with the female voices), I just about melt. So good.


Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors -- Medicine

Chances are, if you're in YoungLife, you love Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors. I don't know why that is, but I swear it's true. Also, chances are if you listen to Christian radio, you've heard Drew's wife Ellie Holcomb and probably love her too. I recently saw them at a great little intimate venue here in Richmond, VA, and fell even more in love. This music is just pure gold. It's full of love stories and fun melodies and gorgeous guitar parts. It just feels like a cool spring night in Tennessee on a front porch rocking chair holding hands with the one you love. Yep.


Joy Williams -- Woman (Oh Mama)

I was obsessed with The Civil Wars (and will always be -- never have two voices blended better together and absolutely loan me away with their power and depth and beauty) but I have to admit I really love what Joy Williams is doing now that she's making her own music again. I've loved her since back in the early 2000s when she was putting out bubbly, sunshiny Christian CDs (I was that girl who only listened to Christian music so she was like my Britney Spears) and love seeing her head in a whole new direction with this new track.

DEFINITELY LISTEN TO: "Woman (Oh Mama)" and stay tuned for the rest of the album!