Women of the Word: A Book Review

Christian women-- this one is for you! Whether you grew up memorizing a million Bible verses in Sunday school or you only really know John 3:16, chances are, you've encountered the Bible in some way in your lifetime. Maybe it confuses the heck out of you, or maybe you read it every morning, or maybe you only really hear about it at church. 

I personally fall into the category of people who grew up in church, have read the Bible cover to cover, and still find myself confused or lost or uninterested at times.

Recently, thanks to someone I follow on Instagram, I heard about the book Women of the Word: How to study the Bible with both our hearts and our minds by Jen Wilkin. I picked it up and spent a morning reading it...and I loved it.

This book is an incredible resource for any woman looking to get more out of her Bible. It's easy to read and only 150 pages, so it isn't overwhelming at all. Wilkin tackles the areas where we need to turn things around in how we read and engage with the Bible, makes a strong case for Bible literacy, and then provides a clear structure for studying Scripture through what she calls the "Five P's of Sound Study." 

Most of the book is Wilkin walking through this structure-- study with purpose, study with perspective, study with patience, study with process and study with prayer. Each is explained thoroughly and helpfully with a strong undercurrent of love (not judgment) through it all.

Every good endeavor should be done with purpose. Without a clear sense of purpose, our efforts to do a good thing well can flounder. But with a clear purpose, we are far more likely to persevere. This is certainly true of building Bible literacy—it takes effort to build, but maintaining a clear sense of purpose sustains us in our labor.
— Jen Wilkin

I would so strongly recommend this book to any and all Christian women-- it's such a great tool for making the Bible accessible, meaningful and alive in our lives. It's one I know I'll read again and again as I continue to journey on in my faith and dive deeper into the Word day by day.