What a Man is Hoping for Women

photo by lauren rushing

photo by lauren rushing

There are millions of posts around the web from men to men, from women to women, and there are just as many posts written by one sex to the other. Some are well done, most are not. Our hope is to inspire, challenge, and invite each other to be who we are supposed to be.

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I'm a husband to an amazing woman, and the father to a beautiful little girl. I believe that women are stronger than men. This is why God makes women 'helpers.' You don't ask for help from someone who is inferior to you,  you ask help from people who are more skilled, talented, and equipped than you. There is much that this world, sadly, including the Church that would discourage women from living out who they're created to be. I hope this blog will inspire and encourage you not to settle. 

You are valuable. 

It doesn't matter what religious background you come from, you will be sold a message that you aren't valuable. The reality is you think differently than men, and that is a very good thing. You have more to bring to the workplace, more to bring to the Church, more to bring to your home, and you have so much more to bring to make the world a better place. Do not settle for submitting to what 'everyone else' expects you to do. Buck the trend, punch expectations in the face, and demonstrate your limitless capability. 

Rejoice in your calling. 

Are you a stay at home mom, a climber of the corporate ladder, or somewhere in between? Do not let anyone tell you that what you are doing is inferior. Each and every calling is sacred. We all know that running a home is a holy endeavor that requires all of you all the time. It is filled with valor, just like climbing the corporate ladder. 

Be gentle with the weaker sex, men. 

You have the ability to eviscerate a man with your words. You can topple his weak ego faster than the Jenga tower. This also means you have the capability to build him up quickly. With great power comes great responsibility, use it wisely. 

Kick men in the pants. 

Sometimes the opposite sex needs you, begs you to tell them like it is. Men need you to call them out and say, "You're better than this. Show me more."

Challenge the status quo. 

For too long now women have been told in the workplace and in church that they have a specific 'role' to play. Those roles typically consist of little to no leadership and are limited to mundane tasks. You were created to lead. Don't settle for the standard answer to the question, challenge, reevaluate, and critically critique what's being said. If it's dumb, backwards, or offensive don't be surprised, rather creatively move to change what's 'normal'. 

Be ferocious. 

If hollywood portrays men as bumbling idiots, then they portray women as ditzy airheads just as much. I know too many young girls who then become women who are generally shallow, because that's how they believe they should act. I hope that you read, study, and become incredibly intelligent in as many fields as possible. Do not be timid or shy away from tough conversations. Instead engage them head on with tenacity. 

Embrace a heritage of strong valorous women. 

Ruth made sure to use her cunning to unknowingly unite a lineage that led to the birth of Christ. Queen Esther used her body, mind, savvy, and courage to help save her people. You have power and it is a good thing that has been used throughout the course of human history to bring about redemption. I hope that you will do the same. Leverage your talents, abilities, intellect, and yes even your bodies to bring about redemption. 

Be strong and courageous. 

I'm not a woman (obviously), but I've realized that being a woman requires strength and courage. My hope for you is that you will come to see....

 The world needs your voice.

You have an irreplaceable value.

You are capable of much more than you believe. 

Whatever it is you are called to is sacred. 

You are the stronger sex, and that means you have enormous power. 

You shouldn't settle for the status quo. 

Become a tenaciously brilliant individual. 

The world needs you to return to who God made you to be. 

That you would do all of this with courage and strength. 

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