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Meet community cultivator David Valentine!

Name: David Valentine

Twitter: @realdval

Personal site:

The first post you wrote for The Rising: I wrote about the Civil Wars 'official' breakup. Which at this moment is incredibly depressing and is perhaps foreshadowing to my Rising writing style as a whole.

One book you would recommend that people read: I can't rave more about Rob Bell's 'What We Talk About When We Talk About God.' I go back and re-read it every year because it's absolutely life changing.

Your music of choice for a good day: Sufjan Stevens

For a bad day: Bon Iver

Your coffee shop order: The best damn ethically grown, harvested, purchased, and then small batch roasted coffee by someone who would abhor being called 'indie'

Your ultimate dream job: I think I'm in it. CEO of Rethink Creative Group

Your guilty pleasure (of any variety): I think to have a guilty to pleasure I have to feel guilty about it, but I don't think I have those anymore. Things people would give me grief over that I dig though? Katy Perry songs when the world tries to keep me down. Binge watching The League, Parks and Rec, The Office, and Mad Men. One of the nerdiest things I do is read philosophy books and come up with commercial ideas for big name brands that have poor creative work.

Something that changed your life forever: Boxers.

Tell us one random fact about you: I hate the hiccups. I absolutely utterly despise them.


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