Get to Know Rachel Dawson

Meet editor Rachel Dawson!

Name: Rachel Dawson

Twitter: @racheladawson

Personal site:

The first post you wrote for The Rising: How Do You Define Who You Are?

One book you would recommend that people read: There are tons (I read books like they're my oxygen...) but at this exact moment, I'm going to say Quiet by Susan Cain. I'm an introvert, and that book made me want to scream SOMEBODY GETS ME! I've given it to my parents and it's been so helpful for them to understand why I am how I am in a lot of ways. Introverts and extroverts would learn so much from that book!

Your music of choice for a good day: This "Upbeat and At 'Em" playlist!

For a bad day: This "Latest and Greatest" playlist-- it's a good blend of all the songs I've recently loved, so it helps put me in a better mood! Plus there are like 75+ songs on it so I never get sick of them.

Your coffee shop order: A soy dirty chai latte. Dirty because there's espresso in it. Things are better when there's espresso. Don't fight me on this.

Your ultimate dream job: Honestly, I have it. I'm the editor of by day, and editor of The Rising by night. It's the best combination and I adore what I get to do and who I get to do it with.

Your guilty pleasure (of any variety): Thursday nights are my total relaxation night-- the couch, cozy blankets, my comfiest hoodie, a big glass of Malbec wine, popcorn, and the TGIT trifecta of Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder. So good. This winter break without these shows is not my favorite.

Something that changed your life forever: Studying abroad in London for a summer. It was an unforgettable experience on so many levels. I learned how to be totally independent, how to be confident in a new country on my own, how to explore and soak up a new culture. Our classes were so experiential (we only spent 1/4 of our class time in an actual classroom and the rest exploring around London and beyond), and I adored everything about learning that way, especially in my class where I was the only student! Seeing the Royal Family, traveling around the UK, being there for the hype of the Summer Olympics and the Queen's jubilee, and getting to go to church at Hillsong all made the summer amazing and something I'll cherish forever.

Tell us one random fact about you: I'm ridiculously stubborn and hate doing things just because everyone else does them. Because of this, I refuse to do anything on Halloween or New Year's Eve, I haven't seen the Harry Potter movies, I don't eat meat, etc. Call it strong-willed, call me opinionated, call me a brat...I accept it.

Anything you have in common with Rachel? Anything surprise you? Leave her a comment!