When You Want Gifts That Give Back

Sometime in college, I started realizing that they places I spent my money mattered. It was easy as a student to just run to the local Walmart where things were cheap, but I didn't like that I was supporting some of the facets of the company and their standards.

I started spending my money differently, choosing to support organizations and brands that made a difference in the world and created products that were high quality and unique. Both last year and this year, I've rounded up some of my favorite products from organizations and companies I love (and personally have purchased from, so I can vouch for them!) to share with you.

Why not give gifts this Christmas that also give back?

These products support women in developing countries, help provide clean water, work to combat hunger, and more. They're all under $60 too, so you can't beat that. There are gifts on this list that are perfect for men, women, AND kids too, so there's something everybody is bound to love.

(P.S.-- I originally posted this on my own site, but wanted to get the word out about these great organizations even more, so I'm linking it here for you all!)

You can find my guide here, or just click this image and you'll be taken right to it!