A Good, Good Playlist

Life calls for times of laughing and times of crying. There are times for cheering and jumping with inexpressible joy, and there are times for mourning and trying to find the light in the midst of darkness. 

I grew up with music. Not worship music, not the Top 100 charts, but with slow Sunday morning tunes. With soft music that creeps into your soul and your life—the kind you hum to while you drive or vacuum. Old Maroon 5 and the slow rolling Goo Goo Dolls were my go-to songs. As I got older, I spent time with Jesus learning about His greatness. Worship music has now been a prominent way that I’ve experienced and seen our God, and the song “Good Good Father” epitomizes just that.

It was comforting when I lost my friend Jess in a tragic car accident; You’re a good, good father. It was celebratory when I reminisced on my time at a Young Life camp and let the tears stream down my face as I was overcome by nostalgia; You’re a good, good father. Music is constant through it all, and this playlist has been there for the highs and the lows, for the jumping and sulking.

This YouTube playlist is a compilation of videos and clips of songs that I’ve leaned into in the deepest depths and highest heights of life. I love the diversity, the soul. It’s all based around the truths of that first song – Good Good Father – which sounds live. I feel like I’m there, like I can lift my hands in my room and worship with the community in the video.

Good Good Father is one of my favorite worship songs. It is repetition. It is the continuing circuit of proclaiming how good our God is. That when death comes at our door—He is still good. That when life is born and relationships are made—He is so good. The playlist repeats it; every few songs, Good Good Father comes on, giving the listener more opportunities to praise the one who paid it all. It imprints our worth into us, reminding us of how affectionately we are loved and cared for by our King.

As the playlist continues, I love the diversity that is intrinsic of the playlist. The authenticity of Amazing Grace and the upbeat tone of How Can it Be excite me for how gracious our Father is.

Simply combining those two titles—Amazing Grace, How Can It Be—says it all. In our moments of anger and frustration—when we feel alone when our friend dies, when we feel abandoned when we needed that job offer—how can it be that He still loves us, wants us, and seeks after us?! What incredible grace that when I run hard and fast towards darkness, the light will creep in and find me still. How can it be, that our gracious and giving God has given us college acceptances, marriages to incredible individuals, dream careers, and we cannot earn any of these blessings?

Feeling drained? Feeling glorious joy? Look no further, and enjoy celebrating the Good Good Father, His Amazing Grace, and the sheer delight in knowing that How Can It Be is Jesus alone.