BALTIMORE // City Guide

I’ve lived in Baltimore my entire life but it took me moving away to realize how much I love this place! My city gets a bad rap so you might not believe me when I say that Baltimore is one of the most laid-back, historic and beautiful cities I have ever been to.

The city is completely made up of different, tight-knit neighborhoods that feel like their own mini-towns.. There are so many tourist spots like the Inner Harbor, the National Aquarium and Camden Yards- and don’t get me wrong, you should definitely check out these spots- but here’s the inside scoop on what the must-see neighborhoods are and what to do in each while you’re in Charm City!

First stop: Federal Hill

Federal Hill is a neighborhood rich in history from the civil war and is named after it’s apparent hill above the city. For the most breath-taking view of Baltimore, head to the top of the hill to watch the lights of the Inner Harbor dance on the water’s surface. While there, you must visit the American Visionary Art Museum. The museum, which was designated by Congress as America’s national museum for self-taught art, is unlike any you’ve ever been to and sums up Baltimore culture perfectly. It’s absolutely gorgeous, a true gem and worth the admission.  


Next stop: Fell’s Point    

Fell’s Point is a water-front neighborhood across from Federal Hill. When you’re in Fell’s, you are going to want to eat, drink and shop. The cobblestone streets are lined with little shops, historic bars with local brews and good food. Blue Moon Café is place to get the best brunch (Cap’n Crunch French toast, anyone?) while Alexander’s Tavern is the best place for a quiet dinner and a bowl of loaded tater tots. The Horse You Came In On Saloon is the oldest bar in Baltimore and is the last bar Edgar Allan Poe went to before dying in the streets outside, but today is the best place for live music and awesome nightlife! If it’s too crowded, you can’t go wrong with any bar on the waterfront!  

Finally: Hampden, hon!

Hidden away north of the city’s heart, Hampden is the hipster capital of Baltimore and really embodies Baltimore culture as a neighborhood. While here, stroll the Avenue while looking at the bright street art and head into really any restaurant or bar in the area. I’ve never been disappointed.

For gluten-free/vegan eats, Harmony Bakery has the nicest staff and the best bagels in the city. If you’re here in June, make sure you don’t miss Honfest- the only true way to understand the Baltimore “hon”-beehives, cat glasses, cheetah print and all!  

If you’re here in December, check out 34th street for the most amazing display of Christmas lights and interactive decorations as the whole street lights up and the streets fill with people.

Annie is an education major from Baltimore with a passion for protecting animals, teaching 2nd graders and making others feel valued. Most of the time, you can find her watching baseball with her husband, writing or cooking up something new in her tiny apartment kitchen.