New Seasons Playlist

Let’s face it: the seasons are a changin’. We’re into November, and soon the excitement of December and its joyous festivities will be upon us. In this whirlwind time of year, I try to use the transition of fall to early winter to reflect--do some heavy thinking. This usually includes prayer, lots of good reading, and listening to music of all sorts. I’ve always loved how a certain melody or lyric can flood specific emotions. This playlist sparks many ideas, thoughts and feelings to me—oh the seasons of life. This collection is mostly indie-alternative picks, with a sprinkling of upbeat tracks.


A few highlights:

  • Tropics (Erase Traces): Fresh off of My Morning Jacket’s latest album, The Waterfall, this song is heavy on guitar riffs and open-ended lyrics. The band’s lead singer (and song writer), Jim James, has mentioned in several interviews that his lyrics are always open to interpretation by the listener. Perfect for jamming out in the car to.

  • Seasons (Waiting on You): Future Island’s sound is mesmerizing, and this song is no different. I love how “Seasons” captures the feeling of transition in relationships.

  • When the Stars Come Out: Anyone still riding the high after Chris Stapleton’s performance with Justin Timberlake at the CMAs last week?! This lady still is, which is why a lovely track off of his album, Traveller, made it on the list.
  • Miracle Mile: The catchy beat of this tune gets me every time, even with its serious message. I love the line, “Get outside, get all over the world // You learn to love what you get in return”.