Dream Catchers and God's Promises

Growing up, I had this purple, fuzzy dream catcher, complete with feathers and dangling beads. Now, it would be described as some bohemian accessory that would probably end up on Instagram, but really my parents had just bought it for me one day. It rested next to my bedside, and I don’t ever really know what I used it for, but I guess it “caught my dreams”.  (Really I just liked watching it dangle. It probably caught dust.)

We moved houses. I grew up. Bedrooms were redecorated. And somewhere along the way, my purple, fuzzy dream catcher ended up missing in action or hit the trash can somewhere. Yet, the art and intention of dream catchers did not die.

When my friends and I all started turning sixteen, several had tan, hipster-like dream catchers hanging from their rear-view mirror. I guess, ten-some years later, we were still looking for our dreams to be caught—for some symbolic item that had significance over our hearts and minds.

And now, in our twenties, we are attracted to ambitions, to those bold enough to chase their dreams. We are stubborn and bold, we tattoo “wanderlust” on our wrists, and yet it sometimes seems like our dreams are caught in a net—sitting, waiting.

Dream catchers are supposed to encourage, to be a symbol of those chasing fearlessly and recklessly after what they love, yet somewhere along those lines our dreams got stuck to the woven rope, and they are sitting there, stagnant.

Jeremiah 29:11 says, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

There are plans for us. These are plans already made, already written, already created for us by our Creator. They are intricate; they are deep. They are specifically made for us. For Jenny, Matt, Sophia, Josh, and Catherine. They are made for you—for your life, by the one person who made you. That is powerful, and that is a big promise. A promise our God will fulfill.

Yet, knowing there are these plans and these big promises for my future, I wander. I dream about a life of fame. My mind drifts to a place of public recognition. I spend time dreaming about things that aren’t important—about things that hold no value when my time is over. I hope for positions, for jobs. I think about things on my resume, about what I want to be doing.

I think about me. I think about what I want to do, where I want to be, who I want to be. When in actuality, I am who I am. I am here to serve, to love, and to lie down my life for others. I am sculpted, made, and polished to perfection by my King. I have a beautiful and meticulous plan mapped out for me—a plan that sometimes is unknown to me, that sometimes seems terrifying—but a plan that is worth it.

There is a plan for each of us, that cannot and will not be caught in a dream catcher. There are doors that close for our safety and our sake, even though it stings at the time. There is a better and bigger plan than my bucket list, even though I will spend time trying to cross things off it. There is a better and bigger plan than my wishes for myself—He has plans.

The Lord gives us hope and a future, and sometimes it doesn’t look exactly how we thought it would. However, God’s plan is better. It is better because it is founded on worth and value. It is better because He wants us to have life, life to the full, life abundantly, and sometimes that doesn’t involve a wish.

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