Christians: Please, Don't Eat Oreos

Photo Courtesy Of mihoda Creative Commons

Photo Courtesy Of mihoda Creative Commons

For years now well meaning Christians have tried to argue for the eating of Oreos. Now there are no verses that explicitly denounce their consumption, but it seems apparent by common observation that no good can come of eating Oreos. No one sets out to be obese or to comfort themselves with food when they first begin eating there delicious circular sugar infused treats, but it inevitably occurs. 

Oreos are more addictive than cocaine a recent study showed. If that's true it's the most destructive legal drug accessible. 

I've seen it too often to recount. A skinny child will become an obese adult because Oreos are just the start. They are merely the gateway snack for fast foods, carb heavy foods, and sugary drinks. There are those who will cry, 'but Oreos are garbage I only eat hand made cupcakes.' Yes we know you.

We can hear you saying it's all about 'quality' and 'taste' you wouldn't dare reach for an over processed product by a major corporation. No you prefer the hand crafted goodness of a skilled baker to satisfy your sugar needs. The question is why do you need sugar at all? Have you ever felt more Christian when you eat junk food? When 4 out of 5 medical conditions in this country are caused from diet and weight issues you choose to put a slice of cake in your mouth? 

You may have it all under control. You may be a marathon runner who only indulges themselves in moderation, but you have to think about your weaker brother and sister. How many of them if they saw a tasty snack or sugary drink touch your lips would fall into sin because of your expression of freedom? 

This is why my family and I have declared our house sugar free. We will not pass down a tradition of overeating to quell our emotional baggage. Our family doesn't eat fast food because we don't want to support dens of iniquity where people go to pack on the pounds with copious amounts of sodium, chemicals, and preservatives. 

So can we please stop debating about whether it's scriptural to eat Oreos and just abstain? For your health, the health of your children, and our Church family please don't eat Oreos. 

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