Hiking the Half Dome

This summer, I traveled out to Yosemite with my entire family. If you’ve never been out to Yosemite, you need to go before you die. Yosemite is so beautiful and has very unique geography. A zillion years ago, a glacier came through what we now know as Yosemite and rounded out mountain tops, leaving the most interesting landscapes (see photos below).

Me and my siblings decided to hike the Half Dome (the iconic mountain of Yosemitie) when we were there, and I was both excited and terrified. You see, most of my brothers work out. My younger brother, Quinn, and I don’t… Ever. Now we’re used to hiking 3-4 miles round trip to peak various Appalachian Mountains, but mountains out west are not the same. The Half Dome hike is 15 miles round trip.

So I was a little nervous about it to say the least. The hike was going to be an all day thing. Quinn said it best, “Just think of it as a 7 mile hike. Once you get to the top, you gotta come back down. So just make it to the top.” Easy right?

I didn’t bring any shoes except for vans, and I didn’t have socks either. So I borrowed a few things from my brothers and juggled a camera bag and a camel pack up the half dome. That hike was the most grueling hike I’ve ever done. Just google “Yosemite Half Dome deaths”, and you’ll see why. The hike is difficult, long, and somewhat dangerous. I had at least 5 blisters afterwards, and I was limping because of those blisters for at least 2 days after the hike. I was stupid and popped all of them right after the hike (blisters on top of calluses should just be left alone).

I honestly wish I didn’t bring my camera, because the photos weren’t worth the pain in my back afterwards or the struggle of carrying two bags for 15 miles. But, in effort to try and make the photos more worthwhile, I figured I’d share them with you.


(Make hiking the Half Dome a bucket list!)