Contentment In The Season Of Giving & Receiving

Photo courtesy of Jo Christian Oterhal Creative Commons License 

Photo courtesy of Jo Christian Oterhal Creative Commons License 

Are you feeling it? The hustle & bustle? The Christmas cheer? The overwhelming presence of relatives and in-laws?'s here....the season of want, need, and receiving. Some will protest, "No David, this is the season for giving not receiving." Yes this is true it is 'better to give than to receive' in gifts and in the bedroom, but both still bring the giver great pleasure. 

The end of the year always has expectations doesn't it? What gifts you hope to receive, the people whom will be around, long cherished traditions, and the things we all 'need'. It's in this season that I realize what I need and what I want I already have. For quite some time it's been apparent to me that without Rachel much of life is quite lackluster. My sweet wife and daughter bring about an endless abundance that would not exist without them. 

Would it be nice to have 'x'? I'm sure it would. That thing/experience would inevitably bring me some joy or giving that thing would give me joy, but it is meaningless without what I already possess.

In my two bedroom condo I have greater wealth than many kings of years past.

Contentment is a state of the heart which is greater than any possession and leads to lasting joy. 

This Christmas I'm hoping you will find the same.

You don't need something new. You don't need a boyfriend, girlfriend, new car, new job, raise, entertainment center, iPad, phone, vacation, to lose more weight, or any thing else to be content. You have everything you need right here right now. There will be some people that want to bring it on and shout, "You don't know about my situation! I need 'x' or I can't be happy."

X will never fulfill. It will always come up lacking. Contentment is a stance of your soul, and it runs deeper than any possession, relationship, or event. 

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