Christmas Has Nothing To Do With Jesus And That's Ok

Photo Credit Jackie Creative Commons

Photo Credit Jackie Creative Commons

The unofficial mantra of Evangelicals every December is undoubtedly, 'Let's keep Christ in Christmas.' Growing up in a conservative Christian churches I must have heard it dozens of times each Christmas season. 

The ironic hilarity of it all is Christmas, originally, was about a pagan god. 

The Babylonian sun god Nimrod was believed to have been born on December 25. On the night of December 24 families would gather around the yule log and watch it burn. When the log split it was believed that magic made presents appear around the tree in the house. The tree of course was a symbol of how the sun god made all things, and sustained all things by his power. 

Christ-mas could more aptly be named Nimrod-mas, for that is what the holiday is actually about. 

All throughout history we see the modern celebration of Christmas influenced by various gods and their customs around the Winter Solstice. There's a great deal of speculation as to when exactly Jesus was born, but the general consensus is it was not in December. Most people believe Jesus actual birthday was sometime in the Fall. 

At this point some people are shouting, 'Down with Christmas!' while others are questioning where I got my facts while humming the tune to Jingle Bells.

So what do we do with the Nimrod Winter Solstice  holiday that we slapped a Jesus bumper sticker on? 

We keep it in it's right place. Jesus is not the reason for the season. Christmas is a celebration Christians attempted to redeem from millennium past. Is it fun? Yes, absolutely. Who doesn't like to give gifts?

Is advent, a season where we reflect on the coming of Jesus to earth in bodily form a good thing? Yes, we should have seasons where we think about the heaven crashing into earth reality of God becoming man. It's something worth celebrating. 

Just remember....the lights, candles, gifts, food, and trees all come from ancient ways to worship ancient gods and goddesses. 

Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus, and that's just fine. 


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