I love Jesus, and I Drop Bombs.... The 'F' Kind

Photo Courtesy of Stockicide Creative Commons

Photo Courtesy of Stockicide Creative Commons

When I was 3 I was forbidden from using the 'fart'. I was told, "it's not a nice word."

As I got older fart was permissible, but 'crap' and 'sucks' were off limits—until they weren't. 

Words are important. In the creation narrative God speaks and creates the universe. Words create new worlds. 

So if words are so important why would I use strong language? 

Sometimes the only way to adequately express yourself is through strong language. In other situations cussing is the only way another person will adequately understand the gravity of the what's going on. 

We see the apostle Paul refer to his religious acts as shit in light of knowing Christ. We of course timidly translate this word as 'rubbish'. Or when you read that oft written scripture, 'and he lay with her and knew her.' The literal translation there would be they got in the missionary position. 

Recently I talked with dear friends whom had been hurt by people they loved and respected repeatedly for over a year. As they shared their hurt, I hurt with them. So as they looked to me for my thoughts with pain, anger, and frustration in their eyes I said what was true. 

"Those people who were supposed to love you, fucked up."

The strong language moved them in a good way. It shook them. 

Should we drop f-bombs all day? Probably not.

Should we avoid certain language and count it as righteousness? I think Paul may call that a steaming pile of rubbish.  


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